TOA WM-5265 UHF Dynamic Handheld Microphone


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TOA UHF Dynamic Handheld Vocal Wireless Microphone, Rechargeable.

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 Microphone Element: Dynamic microphone unit: Unidirectional
 Modulation: Frequency Modulation
 Frequency Range: 576 - 937.5MHz* UHF
 Channel Selectable: 64 Channels (number of channels may differ from country to country)
 RF Carrier Power: Less than 50 mW (Factory preset 10 mW ERP)
 Tone Frequency:  32.768 KHz
 Oscillator:  PLL Synthesised
 Maximum Input Level: 132 dB SPL
 Maximum Deviation:  ±40 KHz
 Audio Frequency Response: 100 Hz - 15 KHz
 Dynamic Range:  95 dB or more (with WT-5800)
 Battery: WB-2000 (WB-2000-2 contains 2 pieces) rechargeable battery (option)or AA alkaline dry cell battery 
 Battery Life: Approx. 13 h (when the WB-2000 rechargeable battery is used)Approx. 10 h (when the alkaline battery is used) 
 Indicator: Power/Battery lamps 
 Antenna: Built-in type 
 Operating Temperature: -10 ℃ to +50 ℃ (14 ゜F to 122 ゜F) (except battery) 
 Operating Humidity: 30 % to 85 %RH (no condensation) 
 Finish:Resin, coating 
 Dimensions: φ50 x 229 mm (φ1.97" × 9.02") 
 Weight: 205 g (0.45 lb) (with battery) 
 Accessory:Microphone holder W3/8" (with stand adapter) …1,Screw driver …1, Storage case …1