TOA HX-5W-WP EB-Q Compact Line Array Speakers (EN54-24)


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EN54 Full range compact line array speaker EN54-24

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The HX-5B-WP EB-Q and HX-5W-WP EB-Q are 2-way compact speaker system that permits both constant directivity control over a wide frequency range and changes in directivity. Certificated to EN 54-24 and comes in white or black.

Certification No. 1438/CPD/0281

Ideal for reproducing clear sound in spaces with long reverberation times or high background noises.


• Four speaker modules ensure high power and high quality.
• The changeable orientation of each of the four speaker modules independently allows the directivity angle of the speaker system to be adjusted.
• Built-in passive network ensures appropriate sound quality.
• Ideal for both permanent and temporary installations, including both vertical and horizontal positioning.
• Equipped with a convenient carrying handle.
• Can be mounted directly on a wall or suspended by wire, chain or shackle with no need to use optional brackets.
• Optional mounting brackets allow use in a wide variety of applications, including suspension, ceiling mounting, wall mounting, and speaker stand mounting. Mounting procedures are described in the instruction manuals enclosed with the mounting bracket or stand adapter.

The HX-5B-WP EB-Q and HX-5W-WP EB-Q can be used outdoor.


StandardsCertified to the European Standard EN 54-24:2008. Loudspeaker for voice alarm system. Certification No. 1438/CPD/0281
Enclosure TypeSealed Type
Environment TypeType B (Outdoor applications)
Rated Power200 W (100 V line and 70 V line)
Rated Impedance8 Ω (HX-5B-WP EB-Q and HX-5W-WP EB-Q only) with MT-200 100 V line: 50 Ω (200 W), 83 Ω (120 W), 167 Ω (60 W)
Sensitivity (60° mode)96 dB (1 W, 1 m at 500 Hz to 5 kHz pink noise) 88 dB (1 W, 1 m at 100 Hz to 10 kHz pink noise) 76 dB (1 W, 4 m at 100 Hz to 10 kHz pink noise)
Max.SPL (60° mode)108 dB (200 W, 1 m at 100 Hz to 10 kHz pink noise) 96 dB (200 W, 4 m at 100 Hz to 10 kHz pink noise)
Frequency Response95 Hz – 20 kHz (60° mode)
Coverage Angle (–6 dB)Horizontal: 211° (500 Hz), 192° (1 kHz), 121° (2 kHz), 118° (4 kHz) Vertical: 101° (500 Hz), 70° (1 kHz), 68° (2 kHz), 66° (4 kHz)
Crossover Frequency4 k Hz
Speaker ComponentLow frequency: 12 cm cone-typex 4, High frequency: Balanced dome-type x 12
Operating Temperature–15 ºC to +50 ºC
Dust/Water ProtectionIPX4 (Install with the every speaker module downward)
Cable PolarityHot: Black, Com: White
FinishEnclosure: Polypropylene, black (HX-5B-WP EB-Q), white (HX-5W-WP EB-Q) Punched net: Steel, black (HX-5B-WP EB-Q), white (HX-5W-WP EB-Q)
Dimensions408 (w) x 546 (h) x 342 (d) mm
Weight16 kg
  • Suspension bracket ….2, Hex head wrench ….1