TOA HA-1010-EB Horn-Array Speaker


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The HA-1010-EB is a slim horn array speaker with extremely longe range. It can spread sound over 600 m while a conventional speaker can cover only 300 m. Besides applications where you need this long range to transport information over an extreme long distance the horn array speaker also eases the intelligibility in standard distances and under extreme situations.In many applications a large number of speakers must be installed in order to deliver announcements. In this case, the sound may lose intelligibility before the sound reaches the target area due to speaker intereference from one another. The HA-1010-EB is composed of multiple horn speakers positioned in an array and can not only reduce the total number of speakers, but also can achieve a better speech intelligibility.

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Product Features

  • Long-range sound coverage two times further than conventional horn speakers
  • Better speech intelligibility thanks to horn array technology
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Wide temperature range: -20 to 55 ?C


Application Examples

  • Airports
  • Sport facilities
  • Factories
  • Theme parks
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial facilities
  • Transportation



Frequency response

350 Hz - 7 kHz

Sensitivity (1?W, 1?m)

114 dB

Speaker component

Horn speaker unit x 8

Directivity angle horizontal


Directivity angle vertical


Rated input

60 W


100V Line: 170 Ohm (60W), 330 Ohm (30W)

Rated impedance

170Ω, 330Ω


Aluminium, paint, grey

Dimensions (W x H x D)

167 x 1233 x 140.5 mm


13.5 kg



Data Sheets

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