TOA F-1522SC Wide Dispersion Ceiling Speaker 6W

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The TOA F-1522SC is a 6W full range wide dispersion ceiling speaker compatible with low impedance (8Ω) or high impedance (25V, 70V, 100V) amplifiers. It is a compact model designed for low output applications (recommended 2 to 4m), and the flat front panel mounts flush.

The TOA wide dispersion ceiling speaker series is designed and engineered to overcome the limiting factors associated with conventional ceiling-mount speakers. Most noticeable is the high frequency rolloff as the distance between the speaker and the listener increases, which results from the limited dispersion of traditional ceiling speakers.

The TOA F-Series ceiling speaker range provides well balanced audio reproduction without treble attenuation over an expanded listening area. This is thanks to the extra-wide dispersion characteristics that are part of the overall speaker design. Perceived speaker directionality and beaming tendencies are minimized, resulting in a natural, well-balanced sound over a wide area at all levels.

The speaker is protected by a dust bag, which helps to prevent a build up of material that would otherwise impede or damage the operation of the speaker itself. This also makes the F-1522SC the perfect choice for installations with minimal depth, because there is no back can that would otherwise prevent the mounting of the speaker.

The rated input is 6W

The rated impedance is - 100V line: 6W, 3W
                                            70V line: 6W, 3W, 1.5W
                                            25V line: 0.75W, 0.4W, 0.2W

The rated impedance low (adjustable) is 16Ω, 8Ω

The sensitivity is 88dB (1W, 1M)

The frequency response is 65Hz to 18kHz

The mounting hole diameter is Ø135mm

The speaker component is a 10cm cone type

The finish is - Baffle: Fire resistant ABS resin, black
                         Rim: Fire resistant ABS resin, white
                         Punched net: Steel plate, white paint
                         Dust proof bag: Artificial fibre, black

The dimensions are Ø155 x 117(D)mm

The weight is 1kg