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Cloud CS-C8 Ceiling speaker fire hood, why do I need one?

Fire hoods play an essential part of lots of installations because they ensure the safety of your customers. They help stop the spread of fire through holes you cut in the ceiling. Sometimes you need to compromise on sound quality and use a loudspeaker with suitable fire protection. Well not anymore because now there's a bespoke fire hood range for Cloud CS-C8 loudspeakers!

Cloud's CS-C8 is a formidable ceiling speaker and has a metal back can that does provide a little fire protection. The Cloud CS-C8 has no fire certification though so this hood can add that safety to it. Simply adding this fire hood will provide the protection you need. Measuring 340mm x 220mm it'll cover the CS-C8 perfectly with a little room left over. 

There are two versions of the CS-C8 available, the CS-C8B black loudspeaker and the CS-C8W white version too. It doesn't matter which one you have because this will of coure fit both them equally well!

Complying with current UK, EU building and IEE regulations, this hood has a fire rating of up to 90 minutes.

Cloud Electronics don't make a range of fire hoods for their ceiling speakers and that is why this product is so handy. Complimenting our range of generic fire hoods this bespoke design is the ideal add-on for your CS-C8 installations.

Fire hoods for ceiling loudspeakers have additional benefits too!

Acoustic concerns can aslo be addressed by this innovative solution. Using these hoods to cover the back of the CS-C8 ceiling speaker can help reduce the amount of noise that emits from the rear of the speaker can making these a great addtion for installations where spill control to spaces above needs considered.

On of our recommendations for all sound system installers is to fit one of these to every Cloud CS-C8 that you install. Get into the habit of making your installations safer by using fire hoods every time. Saftey comes first and you can never be too cautious when it comes to fire!


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