Fire Hood for 8″ – 10″ Round Ceiling Speakers (Non-Acoustic Version) – HOODY8


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Fire hood for 8" to 10" ceiling speakers.

The HOODY8 is a generic fire hood for ceiling speakers with an 8" to 10" speaker. The Hoody 8 is a perfect partner for many ceiling loudspeakers providing enhanced safety. Ideal for most 8" to 10" ceiling speakers because of the 335mm diameter and 180mm depth. 

Meeting all the UK and EU building regulations to help you comply.  The HOODY8 can add up to 90 minutes protection to your installation because of the super fire resistant properties.  Compliant with Parts B,L,C and E,  the generic HOODY range of fire hoods will bring your installations up to an acceptable level. They do this by complying with the latest IEE and Building Regulations for Fire and Acoustic ceiling integrity. Fire hoods restore the integrity of the ceilings by providing safe barriers against the spread of fire. 

Can these help with acoustic spill too?

The HOODY 8 is a none acoustic version so won't help much with audio spill control, in contrast the HOODY 2 would be a better option. Thanks to its acoustic design, the control of audio spill becomes more manageable. This control makes flush mount ceiling speaker installation below a child’s bedroom, for example, easily achievable.

Do I need a fire hood for ceiling speakers?

 It just makes sense to fit a ceiling speaker fire hood to all installations. In ceilings that need a fire rating of 30 minutes, there is a requirement to fit protective fire hoods. To ensure compliance make sure to include fire hoods in your installation. If you are unsure, be safe and always fit a hood.

For example, a standard two storey house will require all the ground floor speaker locations to have hoods fitted to retain the ceilings 30 minute fire integrity. In a three floor dwelling,  you will need hoods on the ground and first floor to ensure compliance. We always recommend taking professional advice on fire regulations and requirements.


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