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The TS-920RC is a Central Unit of the Infrared Conference System that allows easy installation and flexible layout. By connecting TS-905/907 IR Transmitter/Receiver, TS-920RC can control the Chairman and Delegate Units via wireless infrared signal. It features the installation confirmation function that allows the connection status of IR Transmitter/Receiver and Chairman/Delegate Units to be verified, and the voting function. The TS-920RC is also equipped with FBS (Feedback Suppression), enabling effective control of acoustic feedback. In addition the unit employs an MP3 recorder that makes it possible to record all conference contents to either a connected USB memory drive or internal memory. The system can be controlled by PC (*1). With the use of an optional rack mounting bracket, it can be mounted in an EIA Standard equipment rack (4 unit size).(*1) Relevant control software is supplied on a custom-made basis.

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(*3) A USB 2.0-compatible FAT32-formatted flash memory device of up to 32 GB in capacity can be used. There may be cases in which a USB flash drive cannot be used with the TS-920RC depending on the drive's attributes or recording conditions.
(*4) Not supplied with the TS-920RC(-CN). For the usable power supply cord and AC adapter contact us.