TOA TS-820 Central Unit


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The TS-820 is a Central Unit of the Infrared Conference System that allows easy installation and flexible layout. By connecting TS-905/907 IR Transmitter/Receiver, TS-820 can control the Chairman and Delegate Units via wireless infrared signal. It features the installation confirmation function that allows the connection status of IR Transmitter/Receiver and Chairman/Delegate Units to be verified. The TS-820 is also equipped with FBS (Feedback Suppression), enabling effective control of acoustic feedback. The system can be controlled by PC (*1). With the use of an optional rack mounting bracket, it can be mounted in an EIA Standard equipment rack (4 unit size).(*1) Relevant control software is supplied on a custom-made basis.

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(*3) Not supplied with the TS-820(-CN). For the usable power supply cord and AC adapter contact us.