TOA MA-725F Multi-Channel Matrix Amplifier


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The MA-725F matrix amplifier is an all-in-one solution for multi-channel or multi-zone applications combining a 6 x 4 audio matrix, DSP and 4ch Class-D amplifier into one chassis. It is equipped with 4 independent line inputs, and 2 MIC/LINE priority inputs. Each output has independent DSP preset adjustment with input source matrix selection. The MA-725F features high power (250 W x 4 at 70 V/100 V) and various inputs capabilities. Its wide range of applications include general or emergency announcement and background music for restaurants, pubs, retail stores, schools, offices, etc.

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Product Features

  • 4 stereo-summing line inputs with matrix routing to 4 amplifier outputs.
  • Each line input has input level adjustment and the possibility to assign restriction setting for each output to prevent routing selection.
  • 2 priority MIC/LINE inputs with different priority level for paging or other pre-recorded source which can override the selected line input on assigned output channels.
  • Each priority input also has input level, mute sensitivity and mute hold time adjustments.
  • Each output channel also has auxiliary line output to deliver audio to other systems.
  • Each output channel is equipped with 250 W Class-D amplifier at 70 V/100 V output voltage selectable with independent DSP preset selection and 50 Hz HPF for the protection of connected speakers.
  • Selectable DSP preset selections include general EQs, like loudness curves, TOA speaker EQs and crossover settings to be used with sub-woofers.
  • Easy setup without software
  • Smart Control providing browser based wireless remote control
  • Zone selection for paging with optional remote microphone RM?9012C
  • Optional wall mount remote control panel
  • Class-D amplifier has various protection features against over current, high temperature and short circuit of speaker lines at each output channel.

Application Examples

  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Office buildings
  • Educational facilities


Power source

100 - 240 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz

Frequency response

20 Hz - 20 kHz (-3 dB / 1 dB, LPF OFF)


< 1 % (at 1 kHz, rated input/output)

Power consumption

1350 W (rated output)

S/N ratio

Mic: 60 dBV or more, Line: 75 dBV or more (A-weighted)


Priority 1-2: Mic -60 dB/Line -10 dBV selectable, 2.2 k?, electronically-balanced, removable terminal block

Line In 1-4: -10 dBV, 10 k?, unbalanced, 2 RCA jacks (Stereo summing)


Speaker 1-4: 70 V (20 ?), 100 V (40 ?), removable terminal block

Line Out 1-4: 0 dBV, 600 ?, unbalanced, RCA jack

MOH: 0 dBV, 600 ?, transformer balanced, removable terminal block


Power: ON/OFF switch, Power remote terminal
Priority 1-2: MIC/LINE selector switch, Gain control, Assign switch, Auto mute switch, Mute sense control, Manual mute terminal, Mute hold time control, Priority mix switch
LINE IN 1-4: Gain control, Assign restriction switch
Output 1-4: LINE IN 1-4 selector switch, Output gain control, 70V/100V selector switch, HPF switch, DSP bank selector switch, DSP preset selector switch
Remote 1-4: Remote control connector (RJ-45), Remote link switch

Signal processing

64 DSP presets at each output channel, selectable


Aluminium, hairline, black

Dimensions (W x H x D)

420 x 107.6 x 350 mm


7.6 kg

Accessory (included)

Power cord (2 m) x 1, removable terminal plug (5 pins x 2, 3 pins x 1, 2 pins x 4); rack mounting bracket x 2, bracket mounting screws x 4, user manual x 1

Data Sheets

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