Cloud MPA120MK2 120w Mixer Amplifier

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If you're looking for a premium 120w mixer amplifier then this is the product for you.

Providing a complete audio solution for many applications including Retail, houses of worship, licenced premises and leisure facilities to name but a few. In fact, it's the perfect choice for any venue that needs background music integrated with flexible paging facilities.

The amplifier has a 120w output that can be set for low impedance 4 and 8 ohm output but can also be set to 70v and 100v high impedance out put too. From an input perspective there's a two channel microphone mixer with full paging capability, six music inputs (selectable), option for remote facility plate and also that all important music mute function to allow emergency and fire systems to mute the music during an emergency.

The build, and acoustic quality, of this product is an outstanding example of British design and British engineering coming together to form one of the best products on the market.

Manufacturer Spec:

• Super compact design with very low power consumption
• Six (unbalanced) stereo line inputs with individual sensitivity adjustment
• Two balanced mic inputs – 12 V phantom power available on either or both
• Separate HF/LF EQ adjustments for mic and music source
• Paging control on Mic 1 input via short-to-ground access connection
• Mic 1 configurable as high-voltage input for paging from existing 70/100 V-line system
• Selectable VOX mic-over-music priority on all mic Inputs
• Automatic Mic 1-over-Mic 2 priority in Page mode
• Selectable LINE 6 priority with choice of release times
• Selectable pre-announcement chime
• Music Mute
• Facility Port supports BT-1 Bluetooth and/or LM-2 Active Input Plates
• Compatible with standard Cloud remotes RL-1 &RSL-6 Series
• Power amplifier protection circuitry & input limiter
• Transformerless output stage 70/100 V-line systems directly, or low impedance loudspeakers (4/8 ohms)
• Aux output from pre-amp (balanced, line level)
• Automatic power-down function (user-selectable)
• ENERGY STAR Certification applied for
• Convection cooled (MPA120MK2); forced-air cooling with variable speed control (MPA240MK2)
• 1U 19” rack mounting unit


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