TOA MT-251H Matching output transformer


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Designed for use with the DA-250DH, DA-250FH, DA-500F-HL and DA-500FH Multi-Channel Power Amplifiers, the MT-251H electrically isolates the high-impedance speaker lines from the amplifier.Dedicated to DA Amplifiers with 100 V speaker outputsElectrical Isolation for high-impedance speaker

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Frequency response

30 Hz - 18 kHz ( 0 dB, -3dB)

Power handling capacity

250 W
Primary Side: 100 V line, 70 V line
Secondary Site : 100 V line, 70 V line, 50 V line, 35 V line

Dimensions (W x H x D)

108 x 122 x 80 mm


2.4 kg

Data Sheets

Data Sheet