TOA D-2000CB CobraNet Interface Module


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The D-2000CB Cobranet Interface Module is designed for use with the D-2008SP Digital Mixing Processor Unit. When mounted to the D-2008SP, it allows audio transmission between this D-2008SP and other one. Each function is set by the dedicated setting software on a PC.

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Product Features

  • Allows audio transmission among D-2008SPs
    *CobraNet was developed by Cirrus Logic, a US company and is a network protocol utilizing Ethernet networks to perform high-quality multi-channel digital transmission. It allows using existing Ethernet equipment such as CAT-5 switching hubs.




16 channels, 20 bit/24 bit


16 channels, 20 bit/24 bit


CobraNet: 100BASE-TX, PRIMARY/SECONDARY 2 system,
RJ45 connector, Enables decentralized installation, Audio transmission only
Connection cable: Shielded twisted pair (STP) Cat 5 or higher LAN cable
To be connected via the specified switching hub
Note: This network should be completely independent of other LAN.
Number of D-2008SP connection: Max. 4
Switching hub stage: Max. 7
Max extend distance: 100m (328.1 ft) (connected via a switching hub)

Sampling frequency

48 kHz


Steel plate, pre-coated

Dimensions (W x H x D)

17 x 80 x 140 mm


100 g

Accessory (included)

Panel x 1, screw x 3



Data Sheets

Data Sheet